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So begins 2017.

When it comes to writing goals I primarily take into account 3 major influences, all with very different approaches to goal setting... Elon Musk, Grant Cardone, and Brian Tracy.

I love Grant Cardone’s concept of writing down goals daily, while they may change slightly day-to-day, it will be apparent what is most important to you because those things will always be on the list, and you will simply forget others over time. It is also a great way of starting the day the right way with a focus on what’s important to you.

I love Elon Musk’s approach, with his ten year plan, because it is this grandiose plan, broken down into simple steps. As a designer, turning something complex,  into something that is simple and elegant is an extremely powerful and gratifying process…so to do the same with ten years of your life is just so bold, you have to respect it. Also, as an entrepreneur that sees opportunities in most things, I love that this approach comes with an immense need to remain focused and disciplined…after all, it was posted for the world to see.

Lastly, I love Brian Tracy’s technique of actually writing the goal called the 3P formula which requires you to be present, positive and (contain a) personal statement…. coupled with a deadline.

You write it in first personI earn, I own.

Write everything using positive language, ie. dont say I won’t smoke, say… I am smoke free

Then add a date.

'I am smoke free by Jan 2nd 2017, feeling fit and healthy' (If you can also inject some feeling in the goal that makes you feel good, also do that :) 

I started writing this piece because I wanted to write down my own goals for the year, and to make them public…so while partly self-indulgent, I do believe there is something powerful in sharing your plans, and making them known. Firstly, because with it - comes accountability and second, because in putting it out there, it becomes a shared vision…each time it is read, people know what is important to you and know if you stayed focused or fucked it up :)

I am also personally interested to see (looking back on this a year from now) what came to fruition and what fell by the wayside.


In terms of process

I like the idea of having a purpose so that my goals are aligned with my purpose (another Grant Cardone concept) and I break the goals into 3 categories, Love/Family, Business, and Personal, but you could break this up into whatever is important or makes sense to you. Also write as many things as you like down, there is no need to limit your ideas or ambition, I just try and narrow it down in terms of time, and what can literally be accomplished during that timeframe.

First… My Purpose

My sole purpose is to provide my family with love and wonderful experiences, to be successful, to be prosperous, happy and healthy. To create, and to help others create and find their own success.



Love / Family

  • I grow deeper in love with Suzy each day
  • We get a date night in once a fortnight
  • My girls and happy, healthy, and confident
  • I get up each morning with my daughters and spend quality time together
  • I am solely focused on my family after work until the girls are in bed
  • We buy a $2m house bayside
  • We travel first-class to Europe and Japan in 2017


  • The Startup Grind Global conference Melbourne makes $1m
  • I secure a major Aussie superstar for
  • We clear all business debt
  • We hit $10m in sales
  • We expand our team to 10
  • We work on creative projects for great clients
  • We have so much business, we pick and chose who we want to work with
  • We smash content and become #1 in private label.


  • I create daily and post content daily – podcasts, videos, artwork , and writing
  • To publish my first book
  • Build my personal brand both as an artist and entrepreneur
  • I am a fit 95kg (need to lose 15kg), training daily for a minimum of 20 mins
  • I am caffeine free
  • I continually learn to improve myself and to better understand people
  • I adhere to Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet (6 days on diet and one day of eating whatever you like)
  • I meditate daily at night before bed


The Ten-year Plan – (Business)

  • We are global leaders in private label food and beverage >> We are global leaders in custom products

  • We own a global network of graphic designers, product and packaging designers

  • We run a distribution network that can take any product to market globally overnight

  • We have a portfolio of the world’s coolest brands


I hope that helps to get you motivated enough to put pen to paper with your own goals, that it helps put a little structure around something that can be quite daunting, and best of luck in 2017!